See it!   Hear it!   Move to it!   

Children learn in different ways. FeltSongs Stories combines multisensory learning activities by utilizing components from three different modalities at once:      Visual,   Auditory   &   Kinesthetic

FeltSongs Stories allows each child to learn in their own unique way! 

  • What's in a kit?

FeltSongs Stories kits contain a beautiful felt set, a music CD, and instructions. 

  • Where can I buy FeltSongs Stories? 

All FeltSongs Stories kits are available at

  • Is FeltSongs Stories easy to present? 

You don't need to sing or play a musical instrument. Just place our felt set on a felt board and play the CD!

  • Can I purchase songs digitally?

Yes! Feltsongs Stories Music is now available on iTunes, Amazon Music and even more platforms.

  • Book  a workshop:

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