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FeltSongs Stories 

Aiken Drum - The Man From The Moon
Giant Carrot
the importance of working together and helping each other
Cinnamon Is Going To School

How to write a card & Birthday Cake decorating 

Make A Rainbow
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Mr. Squirrel's Secret
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FeltSongs Stories Promo
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Old MacDonald Had A Farm

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Morning Exercise 

All the fish are swimming in the water

Chrysaellect Education Solutions

 was live.

July 13 2020 at 6:29 AM  · 

Children learn in different ways.

Feltplay, Songs and Stories combine multi-sensory learning activities by utilizing components from three different modalities at once: Visual, Auditory and Knesthetic.

Live Zoom workshop with Kayli!
Where Is Baby Moshe (Moses)

Stomp - Create fun musical instruments using window screens

and brushes

Boomwhackers in action!

Teddy Bear Dress-up

 Dress up Teddy for different seasons

Cinnamon is Going to School Today
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Five Little Snowmen

Giant Carrot

 A story about cooperation

Runaway Duck
There's no place like home

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed 

A preschool student presenting Thanksgiving

Fall Songs

Itsy Bitsy Spider 

Snapple Bottles Xylophone video with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star instructions

PVC Pipe Xylophone 

Kayli's Homemade Musical Instruments

Fall Songs Part I
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