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“Thanksgiving with Kayli - A Holiday Songbook” CD

Where did the Pilgrims come from?

Why did they leave their homeland and come here?

This Cd will have your young students very involved.

They will “pack” for the pilgrims, with “A very long time ago” and sway with the rhythm of waves with “The Mayflower”. Did you know? The trip took….66 days!


“Pick” apples, corn and pumpkins in the fall. Row in a canoe and shoot arrows with the Native Americans.

Learn about the importance of friendship with “Squanto the native American” and don’t forget to listen to some beautiful music from the 1800’s played with authentic instrument!



  • This CD has 17 tracks of original, specialty and traditional songs, plus narrations to tell the American Thanksgiving story.


  • Delights teachers and children as fun songs become sing-alongs and activities.

  • Rich with lesson opportunities – a natural fit for your fall curriculum.


  • CD includes two beautiful dances from the 1800’s played with authentic instrument.


Kids! Teachers! Parents! You’ll simply love this musical journey each time you hear Thanksgiving with Kayli!


                  List of Songs:

1. A Very Long Time Ago  2. The Mayflower narration 3. The Mayflower song

4. Thanksgiving Hot Hot Hot sung to: Hot Hot Hot  5. What do we need for Thanksgiving Dinner? 

6. It’s Thanksgiving 7. Yankee Doodle Instrumental Medley 8. Harvest in the Fall narration

9. Harvest in the Fall 10. Squanto the Native American   11. This is my house - narration 12. This is my house 

13. In The Fall 14. “Sackett’s Harbor” -  Traditional Folk Dance 15. Ten Native Americans  – Traditional

16. “Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine” -  Traditional Folk Dance 17.  I’m Thankful



Available separately from our FeltSongs Stories - Thanksgiving series: “Thanksgiving felt set and CD".

Please check our Amazon listing for this set. 

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