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Pilgrims coming to America

Pilgrims Coming to America! - Thanksgiving Flannel Board activity with Felt set and Music CD


Bring more meaning to your fall / holiday lesson plan this year and See how much fun you can have teaching about Thanksgiving without turkey!

 Just place the felt pieces on the board and play the CD. It’s that EASY!


Kit includes: 

  1. A felt set: Pilgrim Father, Mother, A Girl, A Boy, A Sailing Ship and Sun. All characters were hand painted and printed on felt. This set is pre-cut and ready to use.

  2. "Thanksgiving with Kayli - A Holiday Songbook". 17 tracks of original, specialty and traditional songs, plus narrations to tell the American Thanksgiving story.

  3. Instructions and a lesson plan are included with the kit


About the music:

Song 1: “A Very Long Time Ago” A song to teach about the Pilgrims.

Where did they come from? Why did they leave their homeland and come here? What did they need to pack for such a long trip?

Song 2: “The Mayflower”

This fun and educational feltsong will have your kids rocking back and forth with the Pilgrims as they sail across the sea to America, the New World! 

Hear the waves and the seagulls!



Learning is fun while your students play and sing with the Pilgrim children on their greatest adventure ever!



Teachers!!!  With a beautiful felt set accompanied by an original and upbeat music, this kit sure to be a highly requested classroom activity!


I hope you will enjoy this journey!


Mrs. Yoni S. - M.S.

I have been a pre-school teacher for many years. The Thanksgiving flannel set from FeltSongs is one of my favorite. Teaching about Pilgrims is part of a very difficult unit for Thanksgiving. Thanks to your CD and flannel pieces my job was made much easier.


After a few times of hearing the CD and classroom discussion the children were able to understand many facts. They knew the Pilgrims came from England (very far away). They knew

that they wore special clothes. Their favorite fact was all the information about the Mayflower a sailing ship.

Many parents commented on how much they enjoyed hearing their children sing that song.


I also enjoy the “Creation CD and no matter how many times I use it my class loves Mr. Squirrel’s Secret! Thanks for the great products!!!