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Ten Little Teddy Bears

Ten Little Teddy Bears - Felt set with music CD!


Kids just love these ten little bears! These familiar friends are a great help with color recognition and counting. The children are always hoping to have a turn with this fun activity while everyone sings along with the "Ten Little Bears" CD!

  1. The kit comes with  ten bears felt set, and a the song on CD.

  2. A FREE bonus music CD with five favorite songs: “Mr. Sun”, “The Train in coming”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “The Baker” and “Oats and Beans”.



It will help teach color recognition and counting.

A perfect addition to your winter bears and hibernation unit!


            Use this kit at circle time

                         It is perfect for story time

                                                      or music time.


See how excited the children will be while

participating and singing along!


Now the best part about this kit is that it’s

Easy to present since all you need to do

is place the felt set on the board and play the CD.  It’s That Easy!

… And don’t forget to sing along!