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FeltSongs Stories combine flannel board sets with music CDs, keeping all children busy and engaged in active learning.

Our kits are divided into categories: math; colors; seasons; history; science, Social-emotional interaction and more.


They are easy to present, and already are enjoyed by children, teachers and parents around the country.


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Pilgrims Coming To America

Giant Carrot

Cinnamon Bear 

Mr. Squirrel's Secret

Five Little Snowmen

Wheels on the Bus

Aiken Drum

How to send a Card

Birthday Kit 2019.jpg

Birthday cake decorating set

Teddy Bear Dress-up

Runaway Duck

Thanksgiving with Kayli-A Holiday Songbook

Ten Little Teddy Bears

Seven days of Creation Hebrew version

Seven days of Creation English version

Animals and plants transforming in the springtime!