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The Runaway Duck

This story is going to be a favorite in your classroom!

This charming story illustrates the importance of appreciating our own homes, even when adventures in the big world beckon.

The opportunities for student participation help to reinforce the story’s theme.


The kit comes with a complete felt set, a music CD and instructional pages.



            Use this kit at circle time

                         It is perfect for story time

                                                      or music time.


Link this to a study of “Our 5 Senses.” Also to “Animal unit”



Kit includes: 

  1. A felt set: a Duck, Frog, Caterpillar, Snail, Butterfly, “Pond”,”a big wave” and the “Sea”. This set is pre-cut and ready to use.

  2. A CD with a recording of the story and music.

  3. Printed version of the story, lesson plan and instructions are included with the kit!



One of my students re-named this story. He called it:                            “There’s no place like home!”

The best part about this kit is that it’s easy to present since all you need to do is place the felt set on the board and play the CD.  It’s That Easy!

… And don’t forget to sing along!