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Mr. Squirrel's Secret

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Mr. Squirrel’s Secret is a wonderful fall story with music and felt!


  • This kit illustrates the concept of a secret which is a new concept for little ones.

  • Also link this story to your fall science curriculum when teaching about trees that shed their leaves and leaves that change their color.


The kit comes with a complete felt set, a music CD and instructional pages.


Use this kit at circle time. It is perfect for story time or music time. See how excited the children will be while

participating and learning so much!


Now the best part about this kit is that it’s easy to present since all you need to do

is place the felt set on the board and play the CD.  It’s That Easy!   … And don’t forget to sing along!


The CD has two songs:

This beautiful felt set is accompanied by a simple, up beat, easy-to-learn tune. Together they illustrate Mr. Squirrel's activities throughout the fall season. Each verse follows Mr. Squirrel as he scampers around his oak tree and at the end of the song, when the leaves fall down, his secret is revealed!

Bonus 2nd song on CD - “A squirrel’s treasure hunt activity” - A fun classroom activity! See attached instructions that come with the kit.



Kit includes: one felt tree, felt oak leaves in assorted colors, three felt acorns, felt grass, felt Squirrel plus a CD with "Mr. Squirrel's Secret" and A squirrel’s treasure hunt activity music. Kit does not include a felt board.