Giant Carrot


  • The Giant carrot is a wonderful story about cooperation and the importance of working together!

The children will sing along to this very easy tune and learn that when something is

too hard to do on your own, you can ask someone to help you!


  • Link this story to your spring curriculum



The kit comes with a complete felt set, a music CD with the “Giant Carrot” song and instructional pages. 



            Use this kit at circle time It is perfect for story time or music time.



See how excited the children will be while

participating and singing along!


Now the best part about this kit is that it’s easy to present since all you need to do is place the felt set on the board and play the CD.  It’s That Easy! … And don’t forget to sing along!



Kit includes: a giant carrot, a farmer, the farmer's wife, their little girl, a dog, a cat, a mouse and a brown garden patch and the song "The Giant Carrot," rounds out our most adored feltsong kit.

With adorable felt characters and up-beat song this FeltSongs- story sure to be a favorite in your classroom!




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Barbara C., Preschool Teacher  Manhattan New York

I would love to share our Giant Carrot experience with you.


I have written down below how we used The Giant Carrot to teach unity and togetherness as the school year came to an end.

The children in my class listened to "The Giant Carrot" and instantly, every child was taken with the song. We learned the song effortlessly and after our children decided which song would be part of our end of the year performance, they unanimously voted on "The Giant Carrot."!!!


 The children understood the subtle message of the song: strength in working as a group and satisfaction in doing so as well.


 Our children also decided they wanted to create their own Giant Carrot for the performance and every child got to work. They worked collaboratively on creating a three dimensional carrot. Then, we stuffed the carrot the next day and every child painted his/her name on the carrot.

When we performed, the children took great pride in mastering all of the lyrics! At the grand finale, every child had their hand on the carrot and simulated a pulling motion.

They were so proud as was I!


Thank you again from all of us!