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Five Little Snowmen

A wonderful winter activity with original Music and Felt!



This kit will also help you teach many important subjects such as: Colors, Counting and the concept of the same and different, which is explained in detail in the instructional pages that come with the kit.



The kit comes with a complete felt set, a music CD with the song and instructional pages.


Use this kit at circle time It is perfect for story time  or music time.



See how excited the children will be while learning so much!


FeltSongs kits are so easy to present in the classroom.

Just place the felt pieces on the board and play the CD. It’s that EASY! …And don’t forget to sing along!

Kit includes: 

 1. A felt set with five snowmen, one cloud and one sun.

 2. A music CD with “five little snowmen” song.

 3. Instructions and lyrics.