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Bible Seven Days of Creation - English version 

Felt Set with Music CD 

Take your children on a musical sing-along adventure as Kayli sings the seven days of Creation. You'll give the children a bible lesson that they will enjoy and never forget with beautiful felt set and an original professional recording of Kayli's song.


"Creation" is a special feltsong story in which each day's beautiful creation is introduced, one by one, from the first day when light was created until the sixth day, with a man and a woman, and finally the seventh day-a day of rest.

        Perfect for Sunday school or homeschooling.

  • This felt set is pre cut and ready to use. Washable. Made in the USA. Now at a reduced price for our "back to school" fall special!

  • Just place the felt pieces on a felt board and play the CD. It's that EASY!

  • Kit includes:  seven pieces (one for each day) each measures about 5" x 4.5" as well as instructions and lyrics.

  • The children will love this colorful set and an upbeat song! What a fun way to learn the Seven Days of Creation story.