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Cinnamon Bear

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These two adorable bear sets are sure to be a hit at your next story time!

This kit includes TWO separate activities, two songs on CD, a thirteen piece felt sets for both and a Bonus music CD  !

1. “Cinnamon dresses up for winter” -  A winter activity.

This little bear is so excited to go out and play in the snow! The children will help Cinnamon bear to dress up warmly for a wintry day. Guided by Kayli’s narration, the children can pretend to put on their pretend “hat”, “mittens” and “jacket” too.

Use this set to help you teach: colors, counting, positioning (up, down, one on each side) as well as which items come in a pair and which don’t.


2. “Cinnamon is going to school today” -  A perfect transition time activity.


 Cinnamon bear dresses up for school “… and she is very happy!” Everyone will help you sing while playing this dress up activity. It is sung to a favorite, up beat traditional melody.


The kit includes:

  1. A CD with the songs for both activities: “Cinnamon dresses up for winter” and “Cinnamon is going to school today”.

  2. This thirteen piece felt set includes: Cinnamon bear, coat, boots, mittens, winter hat, ear muffs, a scarf, shirt, pants, skirt, shoes, hat and bag pack.

  3. Instructional pages and lyrics are included.


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