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Birthday Cake Decorating Set


Categories: Colors and counting.


Use this activity whenever your student has a birthday in your class.  

We recommended presenting this activity after presenting “How to send a card” FeltSongs activity.

The children will love the opportunity to decorate their cake, count the candles, name the colors and have everyone sing happy birthday to them.

 How to use:  

  1. Allow the birthday boy/girl to place the cake on a felt board and decorate it with the cookies and candies.

  2. Ask the birthday boy/girl how old they are and let them pick the right amount of candles to be placed on the board.

  3.  Have everyone count the candles together as the birthday student put them on the cake.

  4. Ask the birthday student to name the colors on the candles.


The children will look forward to decorate their cake during their celebration.



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